No. 211: Yuzu Choco

shochu, yuzu, creme de cacao

Large Cube Cocktails

17 recipes

Many cocktails taste best over one large cube. This limits the surface area where ice comes into contact with the contents, reducing the rate of dilution.

No. 210: Gentleman’s Exchange

rye, sweet vermouth, suze

No. 198: Erin

rye, amer picon, suze

No. 172: Arrack Strap

dark rum, batavia arrack, sweet vermouth

No. 166: Soul Clench

pisco, dry vermouth, pamplemousse liqueur

No. 143: Stinger

cognac, creme de menthe, absinthe
Let's be far away friends

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No. 142: Puerto Rican Racer

aged rum, apple brandy, yellow chartreuse

No. 137: Gold Rush

bourbon, lemon juice, honey syrup

No. 129: Si-Güey

reposado tequila, scotch, curacao

No. 123: Sherpa

bourbon, allspice dram, curacao

No. 115: Scotch & Coconut

scotch, aged rum, curacao
The Tasty Mail

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No. 82: Old Hickory

dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, peychaud's

No. 81: Cock N' Bull

bourbon, cognac, benedictine

No. 69: Scorched Earth

mezcal, zucca, cynar

No. 59: High Divide

new american gin, génépi, dry vermouth

No. 36: Nut Bunny

bourbon, nocino, lemon juice

No. 31: Penicillin

scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup