No. 201: Vesper

gin, kina, orange bitters

Stirred Cocktails

72 recipes

Stirred cocktails are made without a shaker. They may be crafted using a mixing glass and cocktail spoon or a humble pint glass and kitchen spoon. Many stirred cocktails do not contain citrus juice.

No. 200: Last Man Standing

london dry gin, rye, fernet

No. 197: Erin

rye, amer picon, suze

No. 193: Pale End of the Day

blanc vermouth, london dry gin, pear liqueur

No. 192: Star

apple brandy, sweet vermouth, simple syrup

No. 189: Lavender Lady

london dry gin, violette, maraschino
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No. 187: Fionia

london dry gin, blanc vermouth, sherry

No. 185: Harvard

cognac, sweet vermouth, angostura

No. 184: Suburban

rye, dark rum, port

No. 183: Chicago Cocktail

brandy, orange liqueur, angostura

No. 181: La Dominicana

dark rum, coffee liqueur, cream
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No. 174: Revolver

bourbon, coffee liqueur, orange bitters

No. 173: Gefion

rye, aquavit, amaro montenegro

No. 172: Fair Harvard

pisco, blanc vermouth, orange bitters

No. 171: Arrack Strap

dark rum, batavia arrack, sweet vermouth

No. 168: Belfast Bastard

london dry gin, dry vermouth, campari

No. 167: Red Hook

rye, maraschino, sweet vermouth

No. 165: Soul Clench

pisco, dry vermouth, pamplemousse liqueur

No. 160: La Perla

reposado tequila, sherry, pear liqueur

No. 159: Palmetto

gold rum, dark rum, sweet vermouth

No. 157: Chrysanthemum

dry vermouth, benedictine, absinthe

No. 153: Green Glacier

cognac, green chartreuse, creme de cacao

No. 152: Coldfoot

london dry gin, green chartreuse, maraschino

No. 151: Creole

rye, sweet vermouth, amer picon

No. 148: Black Manhattan

rye, bourbon, amaro averna

No. 146: Brooklyn

rye, dry vermouth, amer picon

No. 143: Black Betty

dark rum, fernet, amaro montenegro

No. 142: Stinger

cognac, creme de menthe, absinthe

No. 140: Apotheke

fernet, creme de menthe, sweet vermouth

No. 137: Gloria

london dry gin, campari, dry vermouth

No. 128: Si-Güey

reposado tequila, scotch, curacao

No. 126: Claridge

dry vermouth, london dry gin, apricot brandy

No. 124: Bamboo

sherry, dry vermouth, angostura

No. 117: Toronto

rye, fernet, simple syrup

No. 114: Scotch & Coconut

scotch, aged rum, curacao

No. 111: Ford

old tom gin, dry vermouth, benedictine

No. 108: Martini

london dry gin, dry vermouth, lemon twist

No. 105: Diamondback

rye, yellow chartreuse, apple brandy

No. 100: Alaska

london dry gin, new american gin, yellow chartreuse

No. 99: Long Hello

champagne, apple brandy, elderflower

No. 97: And To All A Goodnight

bourbon, reposado tequila, heering

No. 95: Conifer

pear brandy, green chartreuse, maraschino

No. 92: Pressure Drop

old tom gin, amaro nonino, dry vermouth

No. 90: Remember the Maine

rye, sweet vermouth, heering

No. 89: Shoulder Season

rye, apple brandy, angostura

No. 85: Widow’s Kiss

apple brandy, yellow chartreuse, benedictine

No. 83: Rob Roy

scotch, sweet vermouth, angostura

No. 80: Cock N' Bull

bourbon, cognac, benedictine

No. 75: El Presidente

dark rum, light rum, dry vermouth

No. 70: Old Pal

rye, bourbon, campari

No. 68: Scorched Earth

mezcal, zucca, cynar

No. 64: East India

brandy, curacao, pineapple syrup

No. 62: Turf

london dry gin, old tom gin, dry vermouth

No. 61: Monte Carlo

rye, benedictine, angostura

No. 58: High Divide

new american gin, génépi, dry vermouth

No. 55: Improved Whiskey Cocktail

rye, bourbon, maraschino

No. 51: Burl Ives

scotch, sweet vermouth, creme de cacao

No. 49: Bobby Burns

scotch, sweet vermouth, benedictine

No. 47: Japanese

brandy, orgeat, angostura

No. 41: Martinez

old tom gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino

No. 39: Seelbach

champagne, peychaud's, angostura

No. 38: Telekinesis

blanco tequila, campari, sweet vermouth

No. 37: Cocktail à la Louisiane

rye, benedictine, sweet vermouth

No. 34: White Negroni

london dry gin, lillet, salers

No. 33: Bijou

london dry gin, new american gin, green chartreuse

No. 26: Réveillon

apple brandy, pear brandy, allspice dram

No. 21: Oaxaca Old Fashioned

reposado tequila, mezcal, agave syrup

No. 18: Hanky Panky

london dry gin, sweet vermouth, fernet

No. 16: Sazerac

rye, peychaud's, simple syrup

No. 5: Boulevardier

bourbon, campari, sweet vermouth

No. 4: Manhattan

rye, bourbon, sweet vermouth

No. 0: Negroni

london dry gin, campari, sweet vermouth