No. 197: Erin

rye, amer picon, suze

Rocks Glass Cocktails

44 recipes

A rocks glass is wide and squat, perfect for its namesake ice cubes. The rocks glass is also a perfect fit for drinks like the old fashioned, which are built in the glass.

No. 196: Buttermilk Flip

bourbon, maple syrup, coffee

No. 195: Flannel Shirt

scotch, apple cider, amaro averna

No. 182: Pære Dansk

champagne, vodka, lemon juice

No. 175: White Russian

vodka, coffee liqueur, half and half

No. 173: Gefion

rye, aquavit, amaro montenegro
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No. 171: Arrack Strap

dark rum, batavia arrack, sweet vermouth

No. 166: Ti' Punch

rhum agricole, lime peel, simple syrup

No. 165: Soul Clench

pisco, dry vermouth, pamplemousse liqueur

No. 161: Fish House Punch

cognac, dark rum, peach liqueur

No. 150: Cinnamon Girl

reposado tequila, gold rum, lime juice
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No. 144: Whiskey Sour

bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup

No. 143: Black Betty

dark rum, fernet, amaro montenegro

No. 142: Stinger

cognac, creme de menthe, absinthe

No. 141: Puerto Rican Racer

aged rum, apple brandy, yellow chartreuse

No. 139: Sutter's Mill

bourbon, pineapple, lemon juice

No. 136: Gold Rush

bourbon, lemon juice, honey syrup

No. 134: Sherry Cobbler

sherry, lemon juice, orange liqueur

No. 131: Bramble

london dry gin, lemon juice, simple syrup

No. 128: Si-Güey

reposado tequila, scotch, curacao

No. 122: Sherpa

bourbon, allspice dram, curacao

No. 120: Stone Fence

apple cider, bourbon, maple syrup

No. 114: Scotch & Coconut

scotch, aged rum, curacao

No. 113: Jungle Bird

pineapple, dark rum, campari

No. 102: Planter's Punch

dark rum, lime juice, simple syrup

No. 89: Shoulder Season

rye, apple brandy, angostura

No. 88: Vampire Blues

bourbon, sherry, lemon juice

No. 81: Old Hickory

dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, peychaud's

No. 80: Cock N' Bull

bourbon, cognac, benedictine

No. 79: Morning Glory Fizz

scotch, lemon juice, simple syrup

No. 68: Scorched Earth

mezcal, zucca, cynar

No. 58: High Divide

new american gin, génépi, dry vermouth

No. 55: Improved Whiskey Cocktail

rye, bourbon, maraschino

No. 42: Mariners Ghost

dark rum, light rum, mango

No. 35: Nut Bunny

bourbon, nocino, lemon juice

No. 31: Corn N' Oil

dark rum, falernum, lime juice

No. 30: Penicillin

scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup

No. 24: Vieux Carré

rye, cognac, sweet vermouth

No. 21: Oaxaca Old Fashioned

reposado tequila, mezcal, agave syrup

No. 17: Mai Tai

gold rum, dark rum, lime juice

No. 16: Sazerac

rye, peychaud's, simple syrup

No. 13: Margarita

blanco tequila, reposado tequila, lime juice

No. 7: Old Fashioned

bourbon, rye, angostura

No. 0: Negroni

london dry gin, campari, sweet vermouth